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Practice Areas


Since 1995, Mr. McCarthy has been in courtrooms, both as a government attorney and in private practice.  He has gained practical experience in a wide range of legal matters, and is open to inquiries about any matter needing the services of an attorney.  If you have a legal problem in an area that Mr. McCarthy believes to be outside of his knowledge and experience, he will make every attempt to refer you to an attorney who will be better suited to handle the matter.  The areas of law listed below reflect those subjects in which Craig has both experience and a particular interest:


*         Professional license defense.  In Florida, nearly every business venture is regulated by some governmental body.  Medical doctors, physicians, and other health care professionals are regulated by the Department of Health.  Other business owners, such as roofers and other contractors, are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  Problems can arise when seeking licensure, and can also arise during the course of doing business.  When that happens, the help of an attorney who knows how the various license boards operate can mean the difference between a temporary setback and the loss of one’s livelihood.  Craig has served as a Florida government attorney appearing before many of those boards and Administrative Law Judges, and applies that experience to defending state licensees.


         Employment and civil rights.  When a person is fired (or not hired) unfairly, it can be very difficult to get good legal help.  The fact is that lawyers representing employers are usually paid by the hour, and have an incentive to defend the employer, while those fired for discriminatory or otherwise unlawful reasons are more often than not unable, financially, to pay for quality legal assistance.  Mr. McCarthy has experience in employment law and has represented both employers and employees.  Additionally, the area of civil rights has recently expanded beyond traditional issues of race and sex discrimination into other areas, such as the so-called “right to die” and all that comes with it.   


         Family / Domestic law.  Despite our best intentions, many of us run into difficult problems in our personal relationships.  Divorcing spouses deserve to have their rights defended, and kids deserve to have as good a relationship as is possible with both parents, as long as a parent does not pose a serious danger to the child.  Mr. McCarthy started his legal career a decade ago as a legal aid attorney handling difficult family law problems for people in very difficult circumstances.  A good attorney can stand in the middle and help take the emotion out of such issues, to the extent that it is possible, while maintaining the passion needed to fight for reasonable and fair custody and visitation arrangements. 


         Child dependency.  Most of us don’t like to think about it, but some children are abused, and some parents make mistakes and do harm to their children, or are falsely accused of doing so.  Mr. McCarthy has spent years as an attorney for Florida’s Child Welfare Legal Services, protecting abused, neglected, and abandoned children.  If you have been caught up in a DCF action, or care about a child who needs protection, you are welcome to contact the firm.


         Other Matters.  Feel free to contact the firm about any issue not mentioned here.  We appreciate your interest. 




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